Street Photo Thailand Online Workshop
Posted by Akkara Naktamna - Feb 18, 2016 14:02

Course Description: An online workshop for Photographers who would like to develop shooting skills, disciplines, and to discover a personal vision for their photography. 
Over the course of the workshop students will get to build their knowledge of street photography, learn new ideas on how to approach the street, develop skills to edit their work, work up a shooting discipline, working with deadlines, find their own voice, while also regularly receiving critiques and feedback for their work. 
The aim of the workshop is to give the participants the tools and skill-sets required to become a confident, disciplined photographer with a personal vision. 
12 weeks
Course fee: 
$500 or 17,500 Baht
Good for: 
Beginners and Intermediate level photographers and anyone who is suffering from creative blocks.
A camera you are comfortable with (flash is optional) 
A Flickr account (a separate account from your regular one is recommended)
Basic knowledge on how to import, export, and upload their photos to submit assignments
Participants do not need to already have knowledge of Street Photography. Just have to want or love to take photos on the street 
The course will be covered in both English and Thai languages
Students work may be used as part of the future exhibition by SPT. Credits will be given accordingly. 
To Sign Up:
Email us 10 of your own favourite photos to (1200 pixel on the long side) and tell us you want to join us on this journey and or if you have other questions about the workshop. 



Tavepong Pratoomwong

Tavepong is at the crest of a wave of incredible street photographers arising out of Thailand over the last few years. He is relatively new to street work but is widely considered to be a phenomenon for his astonishingly prolific output of memorable images. He is sponsored by Sony, is a member of several street photography collectives, and has won or been on the shortlist of too many international competitions to list here.

Hun Shiun

Born and raised in Bangkok, Thailand. First handed camera when he decided to quit playing guitar 10 years ago with some reason. Unintentionally, the passions need to be fulfilled and he saw the quote of "Sound makes music, light makes photography". Then, realised both of them have somewhat similarity which are related to sensations, perceptions and emotions.
Given his fascination with anticipating and capturing moment of life passing by through the lens, he has just realised the magic of decisive moment that comes in a very single moment of everybody's ordinary life. 
As his wife hardly allows him to go-out shooting, he has to shoot mostly everywhere he goes with her. 

Rammy Narula

Rammy Narula is a Bangkok-based photographer with a deep passion for travelling and exploring the streets. His work covers personal projects, portraits, and photography resulting from countless hours roaming the streets of the cities he visits. His most recent work, Platform 10, a project that was shot on a single platform at the Hua Lamphong Train Station in Bangkok, is being made into a book set to publish sometime in 2016.

Akkara Naktamna 

He is a street photographer in Bangkok. His works have been shown in Thailand and abroad, notably in China, US and France. Also featured in numerous photography websites such as Invisible Photographer Asia (IPA), Slideluck, Feature Shoot, Art People Gallery, GUP Magazine, Humble Art Foundation, etc. Recently Akkara has exhibited in the Photo Bangkok Festival 2015 as a featured exhibition. 

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